Sunday, May 29, 2011

A New Update!!!

Well, the school year is now almost over. Michael has had a few 'FIRSTS' this year. He went to his first school dance. He joined the choir and has sang in his first choir concert. His second one is coming up on June 3rd. He had his first girl invited to his 12th birthday party! I think he has even had his first crush on a girl :) So, yes, it has been a year full of 'Firsts'. He also recently started giving his injections himself. Surprised the heck out of me! I got to admit, it was actually kind of sad the day he did it. All I have to do now is remind him and he gets it all done himself. Never thought I would see that day. Since not much is going on that is really newsworthy, (all that tends to belong to his brother unfortunately), I will post pictures taken throughout the year.

He is in the red jersey in the center.

Halloween. They both won prizes for their costumes.

Ready for the game to start....

Practicing for Goal

12th BIRTHDAY!!!

I think we are on Year SIX of Star Wars!

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