Saturday, September 11, 2010


Michael is now in the SIXTH grade!! Hard to believe we started this whole journey when he was in the FIRST grade.

My little man is not so little anymore. He is a big JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLER! Hard to imagine that he was just barely over 3ft tall when we gave him his first shot. Now he is over 4ft tall, wears a size 7 shoe(adult size mind you), and weighs nearly 80 pounds. He is ice skating, swimming, and playing ice hockey. He has caught up to the 5th percentile, and is doing just great. His former endo. has retired, and this week will be the first time he sees the new doctor. We need a new prescription for his meds and that is pretty much it. Simple. He takes the shots with no problem and for all purposes he is a regular pre-teen boy.

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