Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Day in New Zealand

Well, I made it to New Zealand in one piece. Here on my own for three weeks for a work related trip. Well, not totally on my own, but the boys are back home either holding down the fort or burning it down..LOL.

Have not had a chance to take any pictures yet--we have been busy today with work related stuff. I just got off around 5pm. Had to hitch a ride with some of the crew as the main bus left a few hours before. But, I had work to do, so no big deal. Got back to my room (ok, small apartment is more like it) changed, then went to the store and got some food. We have a little kitchen in our rooms (I know, I am really roughing it on this one..) so I got some food thatI can make for dinner, and some sandwich stuff. The weather here is rainy and chilly for right now. They are just coming out of their winter here in NZ (being south of the equator and all) it is not exactly brilliant outside. Anyway, just wanted to post real quick before I eat. I am posting all my NZ stuff on Michael's page because he wanted me to. Michael, I love you buddy and I miss you! I can't wait to get back home to you guys!!

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