Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy Day!

We had to get up a little earlier to make Michael's appointment this morning. Fine for us. Not so fine for Mike as I had to leave him with Nicholas. Michael decided to pick out his clothes for today last night and sleep in them. (I suppose it does save some time..right??) Nick was already up when we left and I changed him and gave him his morning milk sippy. Mike got up when we left and gave Nick some crackers.

Michael was measured at 51" and 63lbs. He has crawled back to the 5th%ile on the charts!YAY! While we were there we renewed his prescription and took two viles of blood. He was a champ the whole time, and even told me that it did not hurt. (Although I could see his face contort somewhat when they were looking for a vein) He did not even want me to hold his hand. Truth be told, he could have done most of this all on his own-all I seemed to do was drive him there. He has done this so many times that he is a pro and takes it with a grain of salt. No change in the doseage for now. That might change when they get the bloodwork back with his hormone levels.

We got back just as Tracy was walking up to the door to start with Nick. Michael wanted to go out to lunch with just mommy, so after we dropped off his meds we were off again for a mommy/son lunch. We walked around Target for a bit and picked up some training pants for Nick and Michael got a Star Wars Lego set. Nick is now working with Stephanie for his last session of the day; then it is dinner,bath,bed and we start all over again tomorrow.

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