Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Growth Checkup

Michael had another growth check with Dr M. yesterday. He is now 49.6" tall and 62 lbs!! Dr M. did say that his growth velocity has slowed down a bit since last year; which he said he did expect that to happen sometime; so he increased his doseage to 1.05 from .08mg. He is very conservative about the doses, and Michael has been on a very low dose for about three years now and has been doing very well. He also said we might think of looking into ADHD for him as well. Michael has a very hard time focusing. We can tell him to do his chores or read, and one minute later he is taking a bath-he forgets that we told him to do something else. We will see as the year progresses, but we do notice that Michael has a harder time controlling himself than other kids his age.

As for Michael himself, well,he has become very interested in being in a band. He told me today that him and his buddies have started a band :) Oh the teenage years are going to be a blast...LOL!

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