Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Update

This month has been real busy. Last weekend Michael had his Starfire soccer tournament and we spent most of the weekend in Tukwila. He only played for the first half in the last of four games; but he did very well. Overall, they tied 3 games and lost one. Michael was kind of upset the coach only put him in one game. I can't say that we were exactly happy about it either. The medicine that he takes for his growth has one minor set-back: It makes him hyper. It was fairly un-noticeable when he was younger as he was ALWAYS on the go. But now that he is getting older, it is noticeable..and is starting to set him apart from the other kids his age. As if his size was not enough, now we have this added to it. Why can't my boy get a break? For about a day and a half he was forced to sit for hours on end, the coach would get mad at any of the kids if they went to play on the playground in between games-but the other kids would get to play in the games-Michael just sat more on the sidelines. Anyway, I digress...

The weekend prior to that; we took the trailer out camping at a KOA campground in SeaTac. Michael had a WONDERFUL time swimming, and going for walks. We also played Monopoly, and just enjoyed each other's company. We are planning another trip in July and we can't wait!! Don't know exactly where we will end up going as of yet--we all want to see our good friends in Spokane; and we also want to see the Bavarian Town of Leavenworth,WA. So many choices!!

We are also thinking of sending Michael to the same school as Nick next year. I am going tomorrow to see what I will have to do in order to make that happen. Michael told me he wants to see his brother at school during the day..just like everyone else..he says. Him and Nick share a very close bond.

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