Monday, May 5, 2008

My Baby Turns Nine!!

Thursday, May 1st, at 6:25pm Michael turned 9yrs old! He got a couple of presents that night, and as a complete surprise, I let him go to a movie with daddy on Friday morning. Yes, he skipped school. Oh well. I work from Tuesday to Saturday, so it was really the only time they could have gone. I figured, What's one Friday?? Anyway, he had his birthday party with his friends today and he had a really good time. He got quite a few presents:

From us: A new Monopoly game, Star Wars Legos, Speed Racer legos, a skateboard and pads.

Aunt Christy: our new fave game, Electronic Battleship
Nana & Grandpa: Wal-Mart gift card
Grandpa: $25
Friends: A puzzle, Speed Racer cars, a Super Soaker, and more Legos.

Our soccer tournament is coming up on Memorial Day weekend! Not much longer!

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