Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Update

Michael had a science project to do this month. We built a volcano(that is it in the pic) and he had to make it erupt. He took it to school and it erupted in the school yard with all of the other "volcanoes". His was the most abstract. He helped to make it and decorate it-so it was HIS project. We had fun making the clay and decorating it together.

We had some behavior issues that popped up this month and were dealt with. He is now back in soccer, and will be back in karate next month. Speaking of soccer, his team won their last game today. We let him play in the last one, and he did really good. His coach is starting up a league off base to go to a tournament next month. Michael desperately wants to go; so it looks like we might have more soccer to come.

Tonight I took Michael in to work with me. He got to do all kinds of cool stuff! He said he had a great time and it was nice to just get some time alone with him. He got quite a few treats tonight that he normally does not get. He had two sodas, some candy, and we went to Burger King for Dinner. This boy chowed down on a Whopper Jr. plus french fries and was asking for more!! I remember just a couple of years ago we could barely get him to eat anything; and now look at him!

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