Monday, January 21, 2008

Man with Red Hair....

Today I took Michael to get his hair cut. He originally wanted them to color it as well, but the place we went to does not do that. So, afterwards, we went to Sally's Beauty place and found some red hair dye. We also found some blue hair spray stuff that he also wanted. Here are some of the pics from our event of dying hair:

checking himself out in the mirror

what a goofball!

what happens when you eat too many carrots!!

This will be a busy week for Michael. He has a doctor appt. on Wednesday. They will draw blood to measure his hormone levels and probably take an x-ray to see what his bone-age is now. Then on Saturday he tests for his next belt. We have to get up early and get everyone there by 8:30am and we will spend the morning at the meet. Sunday we hope to meet up with our friends from Spokane and go skating. Should be a fun weekend!

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