Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving update

Michael got his report card this week, and needless to say, we were not too happy with the results. He still has problems sitting still in class and following directions. He would like nothing more than to talk to his friends the whole time. His marks were all over the place. I don't know why, but in third grade here they still give kids the "S", "N", "S+", and "S-",s. We have told him no sleepover's until he pulls his grades up.

For Turkey day we just stayed around the house. Everyone has been under the weather with a cold, and we are still dealing with the lingering effects of that. Michael took a whole turkey drum stick and ate the whole thing. He looked like a caveman!! He is very excited about Christmas coming up, and we see Dr. M again in January to see how much more he has grown. He has another loose tooth on the bottom that is about to fall out. He is really liking his Tae-kwon-do class. They start "sparring" next week with the other kids in class. Here he is in his uniform:

Monday, November 12, 2007

November update

The past few weeks have been almost uneventful. Just a few days after the last update, Michael and two of his friends were playing outside. They were playing with rocks; seeing how far they could throw them. Well, Michael ended up getting hit in the head with one of the bigger rocks and it fractured his skull. One of the boys came to our house to tell Mike what had happened, and then he called me at work. Michael was taken by ambulance to the hospital-and we spent the next few hours in the ER getting him cleaned and bandaged up. He had two staples put in his head as the gash was about an inch or so and all the way down to the bone. He got the staples out a week later, and is healed up now.

He has been taking Tae-kwon-do for about a month now and just got his white belt. He loves it. School is school. Nothing much there. We will see how his report card looks. He is never interested in doing homework, and it is always a struggle. He tends to talk and socialize in class too much-which has always been a problem of his. Right now we are looking forward to Thanksgiving; and then Christmas. Michael and I both Love this time of year. Have a great Thanksgiving!