Sunday, October 21, 2007

An update on my Big Guy!

Michael is just growing too fast! I cannot believe he is eight years old already! I have found some pictures that I thought you all would enjoy looking at. Soccer season is now over. They won their last game yesterday. Michael scored the tie-breaking goal-and boy was he happy!

He now has a new interest besides soccer. No, not girls..yet. But Tae-Kwon-Do. He starts that tomorrow. It goes year-round, so next season we will have to change our soccer days to accomodate. He can even go to tournaments when he gets a little more experience. He is very excited about this and has been going around the house practicing his kicks and punches.

School is going good so far. We will see what his report card brings. His teacher e-mails me when needed to tell me about his day. That sure can scare the crap out of an eight year old!! He never knows when she is going to write me...Bwuahaaahaaahaaa!

Anyway, life is busy over on this side. With my two boys, hubby, work, and school it seems like I am constantly busy. Even on weekends.

I was going through some old pictures this weekend, and guess what I found!

This is Michael in his first season of soccer at 5 yrs old!
Here he is now:

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