Thursday, September 13, 2007

The end of summer....

Michael started the third grade this year! I can't believe my once little guy has grown into a full fledged eight year old. Where did the time go? He is still playing soccer, and they have their second game coming up on Saturday. Michael has an appointment on the 19th with Dr M to see how much he has grown, and possibly increase his doseage. We also need refills on the meds and needles. In case you all did not see the pictures I sent, here is one of him with no top teeth.

Hope everyone had a great summer :) Now we are looking forward to the fall. After a few months of 80's and even some 90's, I am ready for the 60's(which are coming up this weekend)and the fall foliage. The trees have already started changing color and some have lost all their leaves already. Not looking forward to the rain, but maybe some snow!

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