Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another tooth is gone!!

Michael finally lost it yesterday afternoon. I am thrilled not to have to look at it hanging by a thread anymore. He came to me yesterday as I was watching tv and was wriggling it all around. I told him to go into the bathroom and do that. I knew he would eventually pull it out; and sure enough, a few minutes later he came back grinning and holding the tooth on a pillow of toilet paper. He is catching up to all his friends who have lost teeth, and I suspect by the start of next school year he will have caught up. He is still on the smaller side, but the gap is closing and he does not stand out so much anymore. He is looking forward to summer vacation starting next month. We have plans for soccer camp, and probably going to Wild Waves again this year. I am thinking about starting up his swimming lessons again and also starting up soccer practices on Fridays. Just trying to keep him somewhat busy.

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