Sunday, April 1, 2007

Weekly update

This week was a bad week for soccer practice. Monday,Michael was at practice and got kicked in the eye. He was ok,and it left no mark on him as far as I could tell when I got home. Tuesday however, he ended up getting kicked on the side of his head. That one left a pretty nice bump by his ear, and he also has a pretty nice bruise on that side. It looks alot worse than it is really. That is just the name of the game though. He has learned to take some knocks and get back up. We had a little talk on Friday about that. He was sulking about getting hurt and did not want to play anymore. I told him soccer is like life. You get knocked down, but you get back up and try again. I told him he would have to just sit on the sidelines and not do anything fun because he was afraid to get knocked over. He practices not only with his own team, but also with the 9-11 yr olds. I asked him if he knew WHY he practices with the older kids? He said "No". I told him "Because you are as good as they are!"(he is!). After a few seconds, he went right on to the field and gave it his all. At yesterdays game-he scored 2 goals and his team won 6-1! He also had one assist! I told him he will have to do that again next week because I did not have the camera with me. Oy vey!!

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