Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend update

We did not do too much this weekend. It was nice that we did not have a soccer game to rush to in the mornings. I also plan on taking Michael to my walk next weekend. Yesterday we went and got both boys haircuts. Michael wanted his to be spikey on top and he even wanted it colored Red. They did not have color, so he had to go without. He was kinda bummed about that. I KNOW Aunt Cookie knows how to color hair-I believe it was Kool-aid?? If you read this, could you please e-mail me on how to do it?? He is doing well in school. He is really excited now that he is getting so close to the 48" mark on our wall. That means he will be able to go on ALL the rides--mostly the roller coasters. I believe he is around 46" now. Not too much else to report. Hope everyone has a nice week!

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