Tuesday, April 24, 2007

reading troubles

Michael got his report card this week, and he went down in some areas. He got S-'s in reading comprehension. He also has problems staying on task, and staying in his seat. We noticed this when he would come home and do his homework. He could barely sit and concentrate on any of it. He did it, but as far as reading and understanding the directions he was lost. In kindergarten and first grade, they were concerned about how many words per minute the kids could read. That's all fine and good, but while Michael can read 76 words per minute-he does not understand any of it. So,we have cut out tv watching, and Mike is working with him everynight on his comprehension. (They are reading Mike's old Star Wars collection)I know one of the side effects of the meds he takes is hyperactivity-it just became more noticeable this year. He has always been very active-we did not really see a noticeable change until this term-he just cant sit still. Michael will need to learn how to control himself-since stopping his meds is not an option right now.

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Dana said...

Sounds like some other little boy I know :)