Friday, April 20, 2007

March of Dimes

Tomorrow is our walk for the March of Dimes. Michael is going to come with me this time. He is excited for now, although I am sure that will end after a mile or so! I am taking a little stroller in case he gets is 6miles after all. He initially thought this was our walk for autism; which he was excited about too. He was saying "Yeah, we walk to help kids like Nick and Nathan, right?!". I had to tell him this walk was to help babies who were born too soon and are very sick. Then he said "Yeah, and they are REALLY small!" Such a sweet kid he is. Always wanting to help. It is going to be just him and I tomorrow-and I think he is also excited about that. Going somewhere with just mom. I told him after our walk we can go and get lunch somewhere he wants to go. We went to the commissary and I let him pick out some snacks and drinks to take with us, and I am hoping he has fun. I told him that we have to get up early in the morning and he says "Mom; I ALWAYS get up before you!" I was shocked tonight when I was putting them to bed, Michael went into the next room. He came back a few minutes later with clothes in his hands. "These are my clothes for tomorrow. I am putting them here so I can be ready to go!" He never does that! The fact that they matched was an added bonus!!!

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