Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Boys of soccer. Left to right; Michael,Matthew,& Tyler

Today was our last game of the season. Bittersweet. I am happy that I don't have to be the Team Parent anymore,but now we have to find something else to fill time. Michael scored two more goals today. Here is the one I caught on camera:

We won the game 5-2. Michael has also been practicing with the 9-11yr olds, and Thursday the coach told him he could play in their game today. On Thursday,Michael got past their defenders and had five shots on their goal. So,after his game this morning with HIS team, we grabbed some lunch, and then headed back to play with the older kids. Michael and the two other boys who were asked to play today(Tyler is from his team, and Matthew is from another 7-8yr old team) were all excited and everytime the coach yelled "Sub!" all three of them leaped up,ready to go,only to be told "No,not yet guys!" Well,the other coach got mad that they were using kids who were not even on their team and raised a big stink to the refs,and they could not play. Tyler and Michael were so crushed they actually sobbed. Their hopes of playing were dashed in that moment. The older kids were also very upset that Michael could not play. They had practiced with him all season, and they wanted him to play just as much as he did. Here are some pics of him practicing with them. He is the smallest one out there!

Tonight we spent the evening coloring eggs and getting ready for the Easter bunny. Michael is excited and cant wait to see what he gets! Here is his loot this year:

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