Saturday, January 18, 2014


This blog is long overdue for an update! Michael is now a straight A student in 9th grade!! I can't believe it! He is now standing around 5'4" and about 120lbs. A far cry from 39" and 36lbs when we started this whole GHD journey.

He is still taking his injections, and we now have a nightly pill that he takes as well. He is looking forward to getting his driver's license at 16. Which, he still has over a year to go, but he talks about it quite a bit already. He told me he wants a Jeep like ours...Oy vey! So far, no girlfriends to report as of yet. This whole kids growing up thing is taking some getting used to. Where did my little babies go??

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It has been quite a while since I updated this blog-so I thought I would recap what has happened since last update.

Michael had another growth checkup and bone age scan done; and the results were: His bone age is no longer considered "delayed"! His bones have caught up! We still have to do the injections, but just to know that right now is where he would normally be without GHD, was kind of comforting. He has also entered puberty....

We have moved! Last December we started our trek across the country from Washington State all the way to Pennsylvania. We made several stops along the way to see relatives, including a month down in Florida, before we finally made our way here.

Michael is doing well :-) He is in 7th grade now and still loves his hockey! He is signed up for Spring Hockey and is excited to finally have his goalie gear. He has been wanting to get goalie gear since playing goal in last year's tournament. He has lost another baby tooth, and as of May 1st he will officially be a teenager =shrug= . No more babies for me.....

My big 7th grader!

Completing a zip line course in Florida

With his brother at Daytona Beach

Hugs from 'Lil Bro!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A New Update!!!

Well, the school year is now almost over. Michael has had a few 'FIRSTS' this year. He went to his first school dance. He joined the choir and has sang in his first choir concert. His second one is coming up on June 3rd. He had his first girl invited to his 12th birthday party! I think he has even had his first crush on a girl :) So, yes, it has been a year full of 'Firsts'. He also recently started giving his injections himself. Surprised the heck out of me! I got to admit, it was actually kind of sad the day he did it. All I have to do now is remind him and he gets it all done himself. Never thought I would see that day. Since not much is going on that is really newsworthy, (all that tends to belong to his brother unfortunately), I will post pictures taken throughout the year.

He is in the red jersey in the center.

Halloween. They both won prizes for their costumes.

Ready for the game to start....

Practicing for Goal

12th BIRTHDAY!!!

I think we are on Year SIX of Star Wars!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Michael is now in the SIXTH grade!! Hard to believe we started this whole journey when he was in the FIRST grade.

My little man is not so little anymore. He is a big JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLER! Hard to imagine that he was just barely over 3ft tall when we gave him his first shot. Now he is over 4ft tall, wears a size 7 shoe(adult size mind you), and weighs nearly 80 pounds. He is ice skating, swimming, and playing ice hockey. He has caught up to the 5th percentile, and is doing just great. His former endo. has retired, and this week will be the first time he sees the new doctor. We need a new prescription for his meds and that is pretty much it. Simple. He takes the shots with no problem and for all purposes he is a regular pre-teen boy.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Day in New Zealand

Well, I made it to New Zealand in one piece. Here on my own for three weeks for a work related trip. Well, not totally on my own, but the boys are back home either holding down the fort or burning it down..LOL.

Have not had a chance to take any pictures yet--we have been busy today with work related stuff. I just got off around 5pm. Had to hitch a ride with some of the crew as the main bus left a few hours before. But, I had work to do, so no big deal. Got back to my room (ok, small apartment is more like it) changed, then went to the store and got some food. We have a little kitchen in our rooms (I know, I am really roughing it on this one..) so I got some food thatI can make for dinner, and some sandwich stuff. The weather here is rainy and chilly for right now. They are just coming out of their winter here in NZ (being south of the equator and all) it is not exactly brilliant outside. Anyway, just wanted to post real quick before I eat. I am posting all my NZ stuff on Michael's page because he wanted me to. Michael, I love you buddy and I miss you! I can't wait to get back home to you guys!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy Day!

We had to get up a little earlier to make Michael's appointment this morning. Fine for us. Not so fine for Mike as I had to leave him with Nicholas. Michael decided to pick out his clothes for today last night and sleep in them. (I suppose it does save some time..right??) Nick was already up when we left and I changed him and gave him his morning milk sippy. Mike got up when we left and gave Nick some crackers.

Michael was measured at 51" and 63lbs. He has crawled back to the 5th%ile on the charts!YAY! While we were there we renewed his prescription and took two viles of blood. He was a champ the whole time, and even told me that it did not hurt. (Although I could see his face contort somewhat when they were looking for a vein) He did not even want me to hold his hand. Truth be told, he could have done most of this all on his own-all I seemed to do was drive him there. He has done this so many times that he is a pro and takes it with a grain of salt. No change in the doseage for now. That might change when they get the bloodwork back with his hormone levels.

We got back just as Tracy was walking up to the door to start with Nick. Michael wanted to go out to lunch with just mommy, so after we dropped off his meds we were off again for a mommy/son lunch. We walked around Target for a bit and picked up some training pants for Nick and Michael got a Star Wars Lego set. Nick is now working with Stephanie for his last session of the day; then it is dinner,bath,bed and we start all over again tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Growth Checkup

Michael had another growth check with Dr M. yesterday. He is now 49.6" tall and 62 lbs!! Dr M. did say that his growth velocity has slowed down a bit since last year; which he said he did expect that to happen sometime; so he increased his doseage to 1.05 from .08mg. He is very conservative about the doses, and Michael has been on a very low dose for about three years now and has been doing very well. He also said we might think of looking into ADHD for him as well. Michael has a very hard time focusing. We can tell him to do his chores or read, and one minute later he is taking a bath-he forgets that we told him to do something else. We will see as the year progresses, but we do notice that Michael has a harder time controlling himself than other kids his age.

As for Michael himself, well,he has become very interested in being in a band. He told me today that him and his buddies have started a band :) Oh the teenage years are going to be a blast...LOL!